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Their wardrobes might be brimming with a seemingly endless ladies choice of clothes – but when it comes to choosing what to wear, women choose the same five outfits on a loop.

Two-thirds of ladies admit their wardrobes are filled with t-shirts, trousers and dresses which they rarely wear – because they always reach for their ladies choice favorites.

And due to prioritizing a small number of garments the nation’s females say at least one-third of their entire wardrobe is never worn.

The study revealed most have just one pair of preferred jeans, four t-shirts and three jumpers or cardigans which regularly make it out of the wardrobe.

In addition, one-third will wear the same pair of black trousers for every single night out and seven in ten will rely on the same dress for all special occasions.

And women aren’t alone in their habit of picking more ‘comfortable’ wear – of the 1,000 men who were also polled just over half admitted they don’t wear at least 30 per cent of the clothes they own.

One in ten tend to reach for the outfits they’ve received the most compliments for.

Women are also more likely to own clothes which don’t fit them properly compared to men – with 73 per cent of ladies and 60 per cent of men admitting they have many items which are the wrong size.

Men have three ‘work outfits’ worn on a loop, while women have four. But men are less likely to worry about friends noticing they’re wearing the same clothes all the time.

The study, by onepoll.com, found in addition to the wardrobe, many other rooms in the house are over-flowing with unused items.

Four in ten men and women said they have cupboards throughout the house which are bulging with books, toys and kitchenware they rarely use.

The average adult estimates they never use at least a quarter of the contents of their kitchen cupboards, and although bedrooms are home to the most unused items this is closely followed by the kitchen.

In addition to clothing, the average person has CDs, DVDs, books, and shoes lying all over the house unused.

One third admit to having crockery which never sees the light of day.

Three in ten have jewellery which is never worn. And 27 per cent have airing cupboards containing bed linen which is years old.

Fee Gilfeather added: ‘We’re obviously a nation of hoarders – as this poll clearly shows the majority of us have unwanted items sitting around our homes.

‘Say ‘NO MORE’ to those clothes you never wear, the books you’ve read, the DVD double-up… you’ll feel great for it, and if you bag it up and bring to your local Oxfam shop, it’ll change lives, too.’

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